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Vatika and Beauty Passionista collaborate

The fantastic Beauty Passionista is set to answer all of your hair questions with Vatika UK, live online:
Leading the world of ethnic beauty, Vatika Naturals is taking the UK market by storm with placements in Tesco, Asda and Superdrug, bringing ethnic beauty to the masses. As a result, Vatika are very proud to collaborate with Ambarina of Beauty Passionista and Superdrug in an upcoming Twitter Q&A on March 3rd at 7pm.
Ambarina Hasan is the award-winning beauty and lifestyle blogger and favourite guru of the Asian hair community. On her blog and various social media channels, she shares the best solutions and product advise for your every hair and skincare woe. So, it’s incredibly exciting that the esteemed Beauty Passionista is now collaborating with Vatika Naturals and Superdrug to forward the great products introduced by Vatika. Vatika Naturals are of course stocked in Superdrug stores, but until now you might not know which of these wonderfully natural products is the right one for your hair type – that’s just one of the questions that Beauty Passionista could be answering in the exciting upcoming Q&A on Twitter.
The Twitter-chat will consist of Beauty Passionista dishing out the best and rarest pearls of her hair-wisdom to anyone who wants to join, including life-changing tips and tricks for your worn-out tresses – and the best part is that you get to ask her the questions yourself! Just use hashtag #AskVatika or #AmbarinaxVatika and send in your questions. Follow @AmbarinaHasan @VatikaUK @Superdrug and keep up to date with all the news! 
What’s more, there will even be a giveaway up to and during the chat!
So, we don’t know about you, but we’re really excited about this upcoming Q&A – better get your questions ready! #ambarinaxvatika #AskVatika @Superdrug @AmbarinaHasan @VatikaNaturals
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The near-future of digital media: useful business apps to look out for in 2015


Digital media 2015

Digital media is the PR tool that every smartphone user holds quite literally in the palm of their hand. With a click or two on the old dog and bone, you can access a world of apps that replicate almost all of the features of a computer (so, some may say, there’s no excuse not to be productive when you’re away from the office). This means that, unless you live in a technological and social vacuum, you probably use apps like Twitter and Facebook on a regular basis to help raise the public profile of your company. However, apps aren’t just for social networking; they can also make your business’ day-to-day organisational tasks seem like much less of a chore and allow you to effortlessly boost your productivity at the click of a button (or two). That’s why, as 2014 draws to a close, we’re taking a look at the best new digital media apps available for your company. These are the apps-to-watch (and download) in 2015 to make your job a whole lot easier:

First of all, every mobile business can benefit from a more user-friendly mail system on their smartphone. Mailbox is probably the best new app for those trying to sift through hundreds of spam emails on their androids or iPhones. This app allows you to easily swipe unwanted emails away to one side so you can delete them without hassle. Out of sight, out of mind, out of inbox. It also allows you to ‘snooze’ non-urgent emails so that you can prioritise your replies, giving you more time to focus on the most important messages. A similarly useful mail app is Inbox by Gmail, which has the particularly good function of allowing you to bunch similar messages together, perfect for those compulsive organisers amongst you.

Another new set of helpful business apps that we’ve got high hopes for in 2015 are the new calendar apps Sunrise Calendar and Peek Calendar. Sunrise Calendar, available for both android and iPhones, is well integrated with Google’s cloud-calendar service, providing you with an easy to read visual-display of your appointments and to-do items that will make all those tasks look just that little bit more manageable. Peek Calendar is another championer of the swipe system, allowing you to easily flick between dates and appointments so that you never miss a trick.

And for those of you who want a holistic approach to your business’ organisation, there are plenty of new productivity-management apps that we recommend you try in 2015. The first of these is Droptask, the visual to-do list for your android or iPhone. This app is particularly good for projects, allowing you to to create goals, track your progress and even connect with other members your the task group. Another productivity enhancing strand of digital media are the new keyboard apps, like Switftkey and Swype. Swiftkey is a very clever android and iPhone app; it actually learns your writing style to allow it to make smart predictions to speed up your typing. Forget old-school predictive text, this is 2015 technology that gets to know you. Or, for a completely different android or iPhone typing experience, try Swype, where you simply trace your thumb along the virtual keys to produce sentences. But perhaps smartest of all is Workflow, the app that allows you to create and save connections between actions and automate processes on your smartphone. Simply drag and drop actions to build connections between them. For instance, you can set the app to automatically make Safari pages into PDFs, saving you the time spent manually converting them. Now that’s smart technology.

So there you have it, our pick of the most useful apps for businesses to watch out for (and download) in 2015. With these time-saving tools at your fingertips, you can sit back, relax and focus on the PR side of your company profile… Facebook break, anyone?

Social Media Tools and How to Use Them

social media

Twitter: The king of all social media outlets, Twitter, is the easiest and most powerful PR tool that you can use to raise your company’s profile. We’re not going to tell you how to use Twitter per se, we trust you to figure out that on your own, we’re just going to let you know how to use it to your most advantage: by being hyperactive, visual and generous. Being hyperactive simply means tweeting, at least once a day, about something meaningful (like a new offer), with relevant hashtags – just be careful not to overload your followers with cheesy or ‘spamtastic’ posts or you might find your numbers dwindling. Being visual means taking photos of your product or company at work to let your business speak for itself. If you’re a restaurant serving food, post pictures of your most delicious deserts. If you’re an events company, show us how popular you are with a crowd photo. A sentence takes multiple seconds to read, an image is seen in an instant. Before your followers have even decided whether or not to read your post, they’ve seen your picture. And lastly, be generous. Be kind to other companies and tweeters and they’ll return the favour – if you retweet someone one day, they’re more likely to do the same for you the next. It’s all about building good relationships and encouraging people to care about your brand.

Instagram: The same advice as the visual side of Twitter applies to Instagram, but even more so. On Instagram, visuals are everything, so make the most of them. Put time into creating the most artistically placed photo possible and you’ll reap the benefits. Even if your product isn’t aesthetically pleasing, people will appreciate your efforts. I mean, who wouldn’t want to buy masking tape from the man who manages to make it into a Van Gough-style masterpiece?

Facebook: Facebook is losing influence as a business tool, but it’s still a useful resource for people to find out information about your company. Take advantage of the fact that Facebook allows you to type more words and write the full account of what you’d like to be able to say on Twitter. Style your Facebook page as a mini-version of your website, with all the relevant information about yourself, and you’ll reach a wider range of customers who don’t yet know your background story. People don’t like random posts from businesses on their profile pages, but if they see your name on another company’s page, they may well click on to your own, so make sure you make a good first impression with a succinct description and up-to-date events news.