Public Relations is the art of managing the relationship a business or organisation has with its audience.

Captivating headlines, strategic long term campaigns, product/press launches, events, trade campaigns, international media relations.We’re all about creating an unconditional loyalty with you and your brand.

We are a full service PR agency delivering :

Press Office and Media Relations
We are the first point of contact for press on behalf of the client. We are well known in the media and we run a sophisticated press operation. Our media contacts within the lifestyle industry are first class and extensive, and we foster and maintain personal relationships with individuals who influence the trendsetters. We also engage in-house work hours should clients require this at crucial times.
PR consultancy
Very few PR firms can offer a more thorough and tailored consultation – our depth of understanding in the lifestyle market is unparalleled. We advise clients on how best to communicate their brands based on concrete evidence and professional understanding. It’s a PR Company goes above and beyond to ensure that no stone is left unturned in developing a plan to boost your brand to the stars and beyond.
Marketing and PR strategy
News releases, features, copy writing, product and image placement, ongoing creativity, advertorials, competitions and giveaways, press visits and road trips.
This also includes project co-ordination and contacts from start to finish with print and graphic designers, photographers and stylists, photographic and event venues, campaign measurement and evaluation, crisis management.
Start Up PR
As a young company we understand the need for publicity in the early days to put you on the map. We also recognise that budgets are stretched and so we offer a service for Start Up Businesses that recognises financial constraints but puts together options that gets you the profile needed to grow your business.
Social media development and digital PR
Traditional PR is no longer enough. We engage “SUSTAINABLE BRANDS” with the help of social media campaigns. We know how to reach your audience through social networking, blogging and interactive viral messaging – the new wave of public relations which is vital to any successful campaign.
Events Division
We produce and manage first-rate brand and product events and launches, help to access sponsors and raise funds, charity events and press conferences, art events and private views, road trips and regular marketing events.
Planning and partner promotions
We identify, facilitate and negotiate promotions, competitions and alliances ensuring they remain in line with the wider communications message.
Celebrity Endorsement
It’s not what you know; it’s who you know. With experience in the film and entertainment industry, we have extensive contacts with celebrities, their agents and stylists.
Sponsorship advice and contact
We link up like-minded brands, no matter what size you are, to increase your brand presence. We bring in sponsors for client launches and events, and successfully place brands to propel you into different and desired fields.
Media Training
Clients are supported through media training for effective and on target portrayal of key messages to the media, journalists and relevant industry bodies.
Product placement
Some would argue it’s a sort of “art imitating life” scenario — where ads are imitating the practice of product placement. Instead of spending large amounts on adverts, your product is the star in TV, films and magazines. Connecting entertainment and brands provides the opportunity to be seen by actively engaged audiences at a fraction of advertising costs.
Competitor Analysis
We can provide full competitor analyses on projects, press and any other activities of notable client competitors. Just so we can make sure we are always one step ahead.
Social Awareness and Ethics
We also engage in Corporate Social Responsibility to positively impact the reputation capital of the brand.
International Media Relations
Through our past experience, ongoing relationships and affiliate networks, we have relations internationally, whether it is for press, marketing initiatives or accessing new markets.