Its PR proud to work with Vatika

Vatika FB Banner Tesco

Its PR is very proud to be working with long-established brand Vatika Naturals, across social media and their launch with Tesco.

So, why are we so thrilled about working with the brand Vatika? It’s not only because we’ve found ourselves working with a brand so enthusiastic to increase its presence and shout about its goodness, but because Vatika is already an extremely dynamic and exciting brand which has an ever-increasing popularity. It’s already one of the world’s leading hair and face care brands, most popular with women in East Asian countries, and now it’s at the pivotal stage of expanding into the Western market. Vatika Naturals is now looking to help women in the West to achieve the same naturally gorgeous hair that it’s been offering in the far East for decades – and we’re incredibly happy to be a part of this new venture.

Vatika Naturals is actually one of the brands owned by the Dabur group, founded 130 years ago, but it still maintains the ‘small time’ philosophy of attention to detail and dedication to quality which Its PR values. Their main aim is to offer women naturally beautiful hair – they harvest the best, most powerful ingredients that nature has to offer to produce natural, effective hair and face care products. Vatika Naturals wants its customers to feel better about their hair after using their products, to have healthier, shinier and less problem-prone hair after every wash. They aim to solve the everyday hair problems that women encounter with their hair from situations such as cold weather and central heating, offering solutions-based products for problems such as frizz, hair fall, dry hair and dandruff. We love the practicality of this approach. The range of ingredients in its include the exotic black seed, to almond and olive oil, to coconut and cactus and more. And in terms of their approach to hair care, we couldn’t put it better than the Vatika Naturals website itself, which explains how ‘Vatika is all about hair; not just how it looks, but how it feels, smells and, most importantly, how it makes YOU feel.’ Their philosophy is all about feel-good, good-feeling hair, and we commend the positivity that this inspires. So, by using the natural herbal solutions offered up by nature, Vatika’s move into the Western market will finally reveal to western women the hair care secrets known for centuries by women of the far East, which we believe is something for all women everywhere to celebrate – and we’re very excited to be a part of the movement that brings us all naturally better hair.

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