How to choose the perfect PR company for you


Choosing your PR company

When choosing a PR agency, don’t be fooled into thinking that a firm is the ‘best’ from their impressive client list or reputation, choose the firm which is the best fit for you. Often, larger companies with high-profile clients will have the majority of their energy directed towards these larger brands and not be able to give your business the attention it deserves.

Instead, we recommend comparing the agency’s client list and ethos with your own brand because, after all, it’s your brand that you want them to  publicise to the best of their ability, not anyone else’s. Have a look at the agency’s past client list – have they got experience working with businesses of your size, or in your sector? It’s useful to research these businesses to see if you like their approach and image. Try it on for size and see if it fits you. Of course, your brand is always going to be unique and distinct from these other clients, but it’s useful to get an idea of the work which the agency has produced.

As well as this, don’t forget to scrutinise the website of your chosen PR company. In PR, image is everything, and a key feature of a company’s image is how they have decided to present themselves on the web. Ideally, a professional website with well-written, exciting copy should put your mind at rest. If the PR agency you’re looking at ticks all of these boxes, contact them and see what you think. Pay attention to your first impression of the firm. Are they polite, attentive and responsive to your ideas? Do they make time for you? The right PR company will always make you feel valued and important.  Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, yes, we did notice your new haircut, and we love it…

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