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Welcome to the It’s a PR Company blog


As the first blog for the new website, we decided to actually blog about the importance of blogging. The It’s a PR Company blog is of course to brag about the wonderful things that our clients are up to and news that we find interesting, but is a blog actually validation for anything? Do blogs actually matter?

Blogging is ultimately about thinking harder, rediscovering your voice, and refining your communication skills for a company like us. The growth of the blogging community is not simply another platform for PR reach, but a voice for everyone. Isn’t it similar to art? Painting? Drawing? If anything, it gets people into the habit of writing. Personal branding, legacy on google, creative freedom, these are just a handful of added benefits, especially for small businesses in a very busy online space. Its true that everyone can be a ‘self proclaimed expert’ but fresh, up-to-date opinions are invaluable. It is important to mentioned that by no means is blogging a replacement for other mediums of journalist, most notably print.

So welcome to our world. Please drop us an email if you would like us to keep you posted with news. Otherwise, do check in and you’ll be sure to find something new and interesting in the world of lifestyle, beauty, travel, food and film PR.