It’s a PR Company is a leading strategic and creative PR & Marketing firm in lifestyle PR, covering Restaurant, Travel & Leisure, Arts & Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty. Companies choose us because we generate tangible results that strengthen our client’s reputations and fuel their business growth. With a focus on flexible plans and budgets, no matter what size or expertise; we agree plans and we deliver them. We service individuals and organisations in today’s interconnected, brand-orientated and lifestyle-based environment. We don’t drain your resources, nor do we give unrealistic expectations – instead the ultimate aim is to make an impact on bottom line results.


Sheena Bhattessa, founder of It’s a PR Company has a background in lifestyle PR & Marketing, Film and Journalism. Having worked in some of London’s leading lifestyle PR agencies and lived in London, New York and Mumbai, she has worked with a range of clients including Virgin Media, Absolut Vodka, a curious group of hotels and India Tourist Board. The company has the advantage of a local feel, but with connections that span across Europe, Asia and the USA.

Sheena found a lack of existing creativity to be a problem among larger agencies, without much focus on upcoming and emerging brands, taking them to new platforms.

And so, It’s a PR Company was born; bringing innovative ideas to any sized firm, never losing sight of the end target.